The SB Guide Book

Some simple guidance to enable your child and family to get the most out of Small Ballers.

Small Ballers Mr. Fox
Small Ballers

SB Parent & Student Introduction

We will cover;

  1. Hello to our SB Kids & Parents
  2. Mission
  3. Vision
  4. Participation & Immunization
  5. Non-Discrimination Policy

To all Kids and Families,

We extend a warm welcome to all SB Kids participating in Small Ballers. Small Ballers is a huge supporter of academic excellence. To do that though, children must expend energy and do so by exercise. We encourage all our SB Kids to continue on this path of exercise which in turn strengthens metal acuity. We have a variety of ball based sport activities that offer each student an opportunity to take part in all activities regardless of their developmental. Physical, social and emotion skills are all go to work in this type of environment and our exercises cater to just that. We look forward to working with the parents or guardians of our SB Kids. The Partnership of parents/guardians and instructors helps each student reach his/her potential.


When SB Kids have completed a session our mission is to see to it that the Small Ballers has evolved further than when they came in by having gained confidence. We want to see that confidence in their social interactions, thought processes and problem solving when it comes to physical sports, development of hand-to-eye coordination skills (depending on the age group), having obtained further sense of understanding of those in their group as their team. These simple fundamental sport skills assist in equipping a child with confidence to move on regular life situations as they grow with comfort. It truly helps in removing anxiety and implementing stronger problem solving skillsets. That is a good mission to be part of.


Our Vision works in conjunction with many facets to meet our ultimate mission results. The child’s metaphorical ladder of development has copious rungs in it and to skip one can mean that child may be tripped up. Each session is an independent vision of development in climbing that ladder.


Small Ballers operates in conjunction with the Ontario Board of Health and any mandates set out by them for the purpose of operating a business such as this one. As policies are implemented, as experienced with Covid 19, we will comply and keep you always in the loop via email correspondence if there are any changes.


Small Ballers operates in compliance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child policies. These basic principals are as follows;


  1. Non-discrimination:
    The rights of all children are to be respected without discrimination of any kind. It does not matter their gender; if they are rich or poor; what their religion, ethnicity, or language is; or whether they have special needs.
  2. The best interests of the child: 
    When decisions are made that affect the lives of children, the Convention says that it is very important to think about what is best for the child.
  3. The right to life and development: 
    The Convention says that governments should do their best to help children live and grow to be the best they can be.
  4. Participation: 
    Children have the right to give their opinions in all matters that affect them and to have their voices heard. Children’s views should always be taken seriously, no matter their age.


The complete guide can be viewed or downloaded here.


This, or any, type of harassment will not be tolerated. Students and Parents should report any incident of harassment to his/her instructor at the instant the incident takes place. 


According to Ontario Children’s Aid Societies, it is our Duty to Report, anyone having suspicion or information suggesting child abuse/neglect and  mandated in in the Child, Youth and Family Services Act in Section 125. 

Parental Attendance

During class we have some rules that must be respected by all. They are as follows;

  1. We ask that only one adult comes into the gym with their child. We understand that you may have other children that are not enrolled in Small Ballers that need to be cared for and may need a parent with them as well. If this is the case, please make sure that the child and parent stay on the stage (parents are responsible for children not enrolled in Small Ballers)


  1. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to wait in the halls of the school (this is not our rule, this is the school boards rule)


  1. Any parents that comes and stays must remain on the stage at all times. We ask that no one is standing on the gym floor. (Big Ballers and Mega Ballers parents are not required to stay)


  1. We cannot allow any children to participate in a group that they are not enrolled in. (If a child is enrolled in our Mini Ballers or Small Ballers group, they cannot be on the gym floor for the Big Ballers and Mega Baller group and vice versa) Please ensure that children remain on the stage unless it is their class time.


  1. We ask that no one comes into the gym until their class times. We cannot have families in the gym waiting for the class to start. We will come out and get families for their class. It is important that we do attendance each class. We will have an attendance list in the hall of the school. Please sign your child in on the list.


When visiting the school. please park in a designated parking spot at the location/venue you are attending. All visitors are required to report to the instructor when entering the location/venue, sign a logbook, and to take a seat in the area as provided by the instructor. The faculty and administration welcomes the opportunity to meet with you and your child observe a class. Please complete the request form to observe a class. We do this in advance so you can have a space arranged and so this does not interrupt instructional time during your visit. Also, as a security precaution, we need to know a bit about who is in attendance. This is for yours and your child’s safety now and later.


Our classes generally start at 6PM and students should NOT arrive before this time. Student arriving at 6PM and thereafter should report to the designated gym as previously outlined prior to class starting in your welcome email.


Class begins at 6:05PM. Students should enter through the front of the building. Parents are asked to report to the instructor upon arrival. Safety is our primary concern. Please use caution and do not exceed the posted speed limit while on the premesis. Please do not drop students off in front of the gym if there seemingly is access; this is a safety concern. Please park your vehicle in the provided parking area and then come in with them.


Classes are 30 and 45 minutes in length. Upon the completion of the class we require parents to be prepared and ready. We expect parents to assist in preparing their child for departure by putting on appropriate apparel for the current weather conditions.

Late ARrrival & MIssed Classes

If you are going to be late, which happens to everyone, then please cater to the environment when you enter. This way the class does not get too interrupted and your child gets in there and back to their spot in the class. 


If you have to miss a class for any reason please understand that due to the length of each season that there are no make up classes. We will bring your child up to speed with individual concentration at the next class and this will put them back in alignment with their group.