Big Ballers

Ages 3 1/2 - 5

At this age advancement is now really becoming apparent in movement, timing and placement from one area to another.

Big Ballers
Small Ballers


Leaps and bounds continue to be apparent as kids move into the 3 1/2 to 5 year old age group. 


It is amazing how much more coordinated a child can become as they move into this age dynamic. Encouragement for those advancing is to demonstrate how they do it with a friend in the 2-4-U training exercises. In pairing up a student who had developed with one who is developing truly creates recognition (by the child of where they just were a lesson or two ago) and where they are now. This causes them to want to encourage their partner to do it with them. 

Our team works to create that same encouragement to be vocal by the children. “That’s it David” or “Way to go Jennifer” from another child has incredible impact and positive social reassurance. Again, life skills being incorporated by the use of simple ball sport disciplines.

This age group begins to participate in the initial stages of complete team concept towards the end of the sessions with the 2-4-U exercises.

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Individualized & Group Focus

Our preschool program includes:
Small Ballers Kids
Stretching Is Always Important!

Big Ballers Specifics

At this point it is not unusual for development, like growth, to take place at different points for individual children. With this understanding we put a keener focus now on the one on one attention throughout. Do not be surprised if we have two instructors during some classes for that added attention to specific children. 

Whether it is to focus on developmental, social insecurity or new issues that may become apparent, instructors work to make sure your child benefits as much as possible with each session.

Signature practices

Continuing on in the same repetitive vane, classes focus on primary core exercises coupled with new learning each session.

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