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SB Payments

You have several options for payment. Remember, payment and enrollment can happen at two different time so make sure to have your children's spots secured.
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SB Readiness

Consider where your children are at in their want and desire to be in a program. If you are not sure then book a time to come and view a class and then decide if the fit is right and whether or not your kids are ready.
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Parent Participation

We need you, as parents, to make sure you are SB Ready too! You help us carry the load in these classes! With Mini and Small Ballers we need parental participation to ensure class flow. Allow time for this when coming to classes. If you need help let us know.
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These are for Parents & Kids!


When you arrive please park in the regular parking and enter through the front doors. All our activities will start in the gym.
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Small Ballers Kids

Great Place for Babies

Ever wonder when exercises should start in a child's life? The truth is any time is a good time, especially once they start to walk, or even sit up. At SB we need our kids to be walking to participate.
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Class Hours

Most classes start at 6PM and the last class end by 7:15PM. Locations may vary and your enrollment will include your class times. It is a fine line to draw between after work and to bed early!
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Sessions & Planning

Our class planning and creative is designed around both the age group and size of the group. Then the fun begins!
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Reporting Absences

You can drop us a note if your child is not able to attend. We cannot pro-rate missed classes, however, we do understand when unforeseeable situations arises we must cater to them. Email us at if you cannot make it.
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Small Ballers

Bradford, ON

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and visit us to observe a class.

We would enjoy having you visit to observe to see if SB is right for you and your family. Please complete the form below to get started.