Small Ballers

A starting place
to a lifetime

of confidence


and team building
through sport

When SB was cancelled. When SB was coming back!

Fundamentally our team works to instill basics. These basics work as foundation to establishing rules of game play, respect to others and that when you need your team and your family, that you can depend on them. Then we bring it full circle to show how their team, and family, depend on them.


At Small Ballers, we use ball sports to teach kids important life skills. Our program helps children learn how to work together and build character while having fun. It’s not like a regular league – we focus on helping each child grow individually, but also learn how to play as part of a team. We believe in giving every child the chance to succeed and become their best selves, both on and off the field.


We are excited and pleased to introduce you to the wonderful, passion and fun we have in store for kids ages 18 months (yes, we start that young) to 12 years old.  Fun activities based around ball sports including soccer, baseball and football (no, no, no tackling!) We also play other ball based creative games too that are team building.

Small Ballers

Watch your child begin to develop pride in tasks at hand. These little encouragements through this type of setting bring forward skills in your child that leave the field and gym and become integrated. 

The sports are the fun and catalyst to character building of strong qualities both individually and as a team member.

In the winter we are in the gym and in the summer outside on the turf having just as much fun! 


"Kids Having A Ball!"

Small Ballers: Mighty Ballers
Small Ballers

out and have a BALL!

When your family gets going with Small Ballers you will notice a change! You will notice a change in the excitement your child has when they know its that’s day!



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Active Kids are HAPPY Kids!
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Happy Kids are Active Kids!

Start early. This Stuff Lasts a lifetime.

Boy, habits start early don’t they? We all have them. In creating a healthy active lifestyle for your kids you also form life habits that include activities such as sports. What better habit to instill? It is healthy, social and children benefit greatly in the comprehension of team work.