Flex Program

Small Baller’s Flex Program enables all kids at all levels of development, within the age brackets, to participate, thereby benefiting by increased independence, improved social skills and not to mention the life long memories.

Small Ballers

What is Flex?

Flex programs are where we ensure your child gains as much from the program as any child when they have greater challenges than others. The Flex program is about equipping each class to empower your child to be as participative as possible while garnering the benefits of physicality of the class as well as the lesson it is teaching behind the exercises. Teamwork, understanding others with positive outcome.

If you’re ready for more info, we  invite you to come visit us and observe.

Individualized care

Our Flex program includes:

Small Ballers: Flex
Small Ballers: Flex

Every child is part of this!

Regardless of a child being in the Flex program or not, each one is unique and development is almost always at a different level.


To benefit your child we take all aspects of the children’s development into consideration for exercises and build them out each week based on this. Individually and as a group, we work to ensure each week the kids take something home that they feel has reinforced confidence through their learning at Small Ballers.

A key ingredient to a successful session is repitition in the sense of starting practises and finishing practises. Kids help setup and help clean up at the end. This triggers kids to remember where things are and where they go while keeping areas of play picked up.

Signature practices

Our Small Baller Signature Practices offer hands-on approaches to encourage the skills your child will need as they advance and some of those are;


we meet kids where they are.

Flex programs are part of every age group. When completing our form be sure to check the “Flex” box and answer the questions provided. This enables us to have a correct program ready for your child throughout the session.

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