Small Ballers

Ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2

Kids develop so quickly from 0-5. Each stage is noticeable and for the Small Ballers bracket the development continues. 

Small Ballers

Ballers Bracket

Similar to the Small bracket, Small Ballers bracket continues with the same fundamental hand and eye implementation. Repetitious exercises augmented with colour and name association. You will be amazed at how your child begins to develop these skills as well as the socialization and beginnings of understanding to share and participate.

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Individualized & Group Focus

This stage of development shows one on one instruction coupled with group is essential.

Small - Small Ballers
Small Ballers Kids

Small Ballers Program

Preschool years are big years. We have mentioned this time and again. We do because more and studies validate the statement. It isn’t that we have not known how impressionable these years are. We have societally speaking. But what we have learned more and more through these studies is that exercise, even in the youngest of children, stimulates and creates great habits and socialization moving into real life situations.

We have also mentioned that every step of preschool is a big step towards school. With that in mind, Small Ballers is an excellent way for your child to bond to something they feel part of, that they can do and benefit from the good and tangible effort they put forth. Through positive reinforcement at home after class and by the instructors (and parents if participating) during class, the student grows confidence. What greater asset can a child develop but that that says to them “you can and will do this”. 

Signature practices

Repetition is Learning. 

Small Ballers
Ages & Rates

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Small Ballers: Mighty Ballers