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Small Ballers Kids

Small Ballers 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 Years

Big Ballers 3 1/2 - 5 Years (up to 5th birthday)

Mini Ballers 18 Months - 2 1/2 Years

Mega Ballers 5 - 7 Years

Flex Programming (all ages)

A Session generally will consist of 8 classes once a week at the same start time and location. We do however reserve the right to move a class or cancel due to unforeseeable changes by boards and venues. 

Classes lengths are as follows;

  • Mini Ballers 1/2 Hour
  • Small Ballers 1/2 Hour
  • Big Ballers 40 Minutes
  • Mega Ballers 40 Minutes

Currently we teach in English only. 

Co-operative play is something we truly value. But it has to be learned, as well as appeal to our social instincts. The best way to achieve this is by copying what we see. Therefore, our instructors model play have the children replicate. Taking turns, acting gently, speaking in a kind manner: all of these are examples of positive reinforcement. Soon enough, the play will start to diffuse social tension as a result. Abruptness does not work well with infants so a slow easy progression is what keeps and stays with the child.

The greatest early bond is that of child and parents. The trust starts there and the child’s trust is dependent on the trust they see the parent have in different environments. In having parent participation in the programs for Mini and Small Ballers, the trust the parent has for the instructor is passed on to the child. This is a great thing and allows for student instructor relationship trust to evolve. 

You may drop your child off in the school or venue driveway as early as 1o minutes before the start of a class.

We require that parents walk their into the school or venue no matter what their ages.

Additional information is going to be sent you upon enrollment about your specific location and require your cooperation as outlined once received.

All parents are expected to ready and waiting to pick their children up, on location in the facility, prior to the completion of class. Any delay beyond 15 minutes of class completion will result in charges for time to remain. This is a mandatory compliance as it is based on your child’s safety and security.

SB Clothing currently consist of mix colour t-shirt that are branded with our logo and six panel alumni style ball caps in various colours. The front panels are embroidered with the Small Ballers logo.

You may purchase these items by Clicking Here to access the order form. 

If your child is injured and an emergency response is required, as outlined in the guidelines, then we will first call 911 while contacting you, the parental contact, at the same time. If the child has an ailment due to a reaction to food or otherwise something that may have been ingested prior to class, (as we do not provide food or drink in class), then we would immediately notify you, the parent, requesting your return.

Good, we need to that. On your screening form, when you set up enrollment, there is a place for you to outline any issues we need to be in the loop on. This can be allergies, behavioral or anything else you feel is necessary for your child’s best experience and our ability to keep them safe and healthy during their time with us. In point form outline the concerns and solutions we need to apply. If need be, we will contact you to discuss or, if you would prefer, send us an email and we will arrange a time to discuss the details. We want every child’s experience to be to the best possible outcome. 

We use fun, research-based, multi-sensory strategies to help children develop early ball sport skills, including Repetitious Actions, 2-4-U, Object Logic and the Elements.  
These tools enable development at every level only they become more complex as the child develops further into both their own understanding of what they are actually doing (for example, get the ball and then aim it and then throw it to the recipient). These fundamental core tools enable the child to evolve that into larger steps later and all throughout their own athletic development as well as on the neurological side.

It is strongly encouraged, however, it is not required. Studies show children are well on their way between 2-3 years of age when it comes to the potty. We will have you with us in class for those younger ages and a place to deal with changing if need be.

That is a fair question. We encourage parents, from the onset, to be as proactive and positive about their child coming to SB. Make it fun and exciting the first time or two in advance so that the child’s enthusiasm and excitement begins prior to coming. This will stimulate them to be interested in the unknown with comfort rather than anxiety because they see their parents excited about it. If a child attends and just is not enjoying themselves or having issues. We then encourage you to talk to us, then with us and the child to see if that is where the concern might be. If you wish to remove your child from the class please notify us and if it is beyond week 2 of the session, unfortunately, refunds cannot be issued.

We do not require any immunization copies of record at this time.

SB provides specialised series of age specific classes that teach sport and life skills for 2 – 7 year olds. SB has developed a thorough and proven system that makes learning ball sports easy and fun. SB takes a holistic approach to early childhood development and as a result the program develops children physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually.

Because it is more important for young children to learn confidence and how to play well with others, the early stages of our program are non-competitive and designed to provide all children with the opportunity to participate at their own level, speed as both individuals and team players. 

Sport delivers on life skills and even though they may start young, it is clinically proven that children have much better coping skills when engaged in sports or form of athletic participation.

Flex Programming is simply any child who has a specific requirement we need to be aware of. That can be anything and may need complete all-class monitoring or not. We will work with the parents to determine what level of attention this specific requirement needs and work to deliver on that.  If your child has a specific requirement you wish to discuss first then drop us a note. Let us know and we will get the ball rolling! (yes, pun intended!)

That does get asked a lot! 

2-4-U is a program designed to allow smaller classes still garner huge rewards through exercises designed specifically for smaller class groups. 2 kids is all that is needed for a full class to take place and if there is only 1 then the instructor and student make 2! That has yet to happen, but the idea is sometimes classes are only 6 due to weather or unforeseeable issues, so, we have a plan to ensure the class goes on and it always inclusionary.

Outdoor play will take place during the warmer months and sometimes activities on the playground may be part of the session. If you have any issues with this please let your contact know or email us at support@smallballers.ca.

All our instructors will be listed prior to the start of each session. Your email notification will also list who they are.