Mega Ballers

Ages 5-7

This complete session ties the individual into the team and teaches depending on each other to reach common goals.

Mega Ballers
Small Ballers


At this level we begin to incorporate more than the 2-4-U concept and bring in others to round out a team mindset.

This allows the children to understand why each of them are important within the group. 

Fun is encouraged by circular movement and play with the ball. First one exercise followed by another. Different systems are put into use to enable comprehension and desire to complete the assigned task. The best part is that it is not always just for themselves but to the success of the others within their group. 

Further understanding also on the purpose of the game. Whether it is to get a ball from one person to the next without dropping it or running bases. These elements are now coming into the equation of the games played to begin to round the student towards full understanding of each sport. This further encourages team play through individual desire to participate and compete to complete the tasks.

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Top Of The Class

The Mega Ballers program includes;

Mega - Small Ballers
Mega - Small Ballers

Mega Baller Specifics

The age group is considered to be one wherein children adapt a liklihood of sport enjoyment. Most children at this age or shortly thereafter display interest in sports and team activities.

With that in mind Mega Ballers has more of a team focus that consists of individuals that others can depend on. This social skill is invaluable as they grow. In sports is teaches to be able to be depended on and also who can be depended on and that it is a good way to be. 

These sporting characteristics truly are those of a considerate and good person. Be it in sharing, getting along and listening. All these characteristics are focused on throughout the exercises for Mega Ballers!

Signature practices

We stimulate this age group by focusing on quick exercises right after the greet and warm up. We also socialize this age group more, considering their language skills are advancing, by having different communication games included with the ball sports. 

Small Ballers